Hand Lettering: Attempt 1

So I started out by checking out this tutorial by WE Design Studios. I didn't have all the supplies at hand. Like the different line weight pens or a great eraser. Those things I will grab for Attempt 2.

I setup my work station on my kitchen table with a basket full of farm fresh vegetables and flowers with perfect Spring light coming in from the window. No tea, as suggested by the photos from the WE Studio photo, but a little piece of left over chocolate bunny from Easter. That should suffice for the energy boost. :)

I started out with a sketch of an example I had seen on Pinterest. Though it is much less satisfying to work off of someone else's design, it is a nice way to practice knowing what they end result may be. I copy until I can create on my own!

I found this at design is mine: isn't it lovely. Which happens to a pretty inspirational quote to me at the moment.

I noticed that what is the most important piece to hand lettering (at least in my case) is line confidence. The confidence to just pull your line through simply and in one stroke. I kept thinking "I can do this, I use liquid liner for god's sake!' But, it took me about halfway through to realize I may have been over thinking it!

Then I realized that the weight of my pen wouldn't do the edging, fine lines, that I would have preferred. Half of Attempt 1 was realizing what I need for my next try. Different black pen weights is a must.

You can see the lines seem to be really ragged, that I chalk up to not being confident along with unsatisfactory tools!

Attempt 2 Needs: More paper space, an abundance of black pen weight options, big eraser, long naps from the boys. 

I was interrupted near the end. But darn it! He is just too cute.
This is Theo, our little artist.