Hand Lettering

When I was younger I really, really loved to doodle. I would make these intricate comics of my friends and I,fighting against classroom-themed villains. (A good friend of mine has saved a few of these comics. I may have to find them and post them)

But, my absolute favorite doodles were the sketches from copying the titles of the various stories in our literature books. Each story was a different literature genre and the titles represented the story. I found that by doodling the titles of the stories I was also able to consider how the typography may represent the theme. I'm patting the my 11-year-old self for being such a tiny, unconscious artist.

And lately, I have been noticing more and more the use of hand lettering in everything from wedding invitations to corporate marketing ads. I completely get it, it adds a touch of soul to those projects. I like that.

I am a little surprised at myself. I haven't taken the time to really challenge my old doodling skills and see if I could come up with a comparable hand-lettered piece of work.

It's time I step my game up and attempt some hand lettered work! I think i'm in for a weekend challenge.

Here are some examples of what I have seen: