A Sister & A Wedding

My sister is getting married.



If you have sisters you understand why this is a big deal. If you don't have sisters I can imagine you have similar relationships with your best friend. We have been truly imagining, planning, plotting about our weddings since we were small.

I already got married, it was pretty simple, I have had an idea about what I wanted for my big day for several years.

Assisting your sister in planning the feeling and tone that she would like for her big (much bigger than mine!) day is a different sort of challenge.

She and I know what we want it to feel like, but how do we do that with all of our various limitations. This is a normal issue for wedding planning I can imagine, but the difference is the severity of being a part of your sisters wedding planning team. You cannot mess this up! You are family! You are her Sister!

You have been planning since you were 9!

So you see, I am not quite panicking yet. But, I am totally taking this seriously.

And, its not just about my Sister. She has a Fiance as well. Who is not feminine, whimsical or overly romantic in the Prince Charming sort of way. He's a man's man, rough guy, who loves my Sister for being his balance. I have to keep him in mind as well!

Though this is important, life-marking, work. I am completely energized by the project. I try to hold back my excitement.

We planned an Engagement Party first. I got to design the invitations. Which were everything my Sister is: playful, modern and fresh:

This invitation and the Engagement Party in general was a way for us to warm up for the big wedding year. It doesn't reflect the tone of the Wedding theme that we are still settling on which was determined after we found the dress of course.

When we found the Jenny Packham (!) dress after our girls weekend in San Francisco. We were off and running. Here is a taste of what her gorgeous dress looks like:

She put on this dress, complete with the enfolding veil, and was truly the most beautiful Bride-to-be I have ever seen. She took our breath away.

Now, to style around this gown.

Make it match to what she wants. Which looks a little like this:

Different? Totally.

Gorgeous? Without a doubt.

Sister is an Aries, she knows exactly what she wants.