A Day In The Life: Charade

Our Day In The Life series is meant to inspire your Halloween costume for this year. Looking for something a little less horror and a little more classic suspense? Charade is just your movie.

A Day In The Life: Charade

Tis autumn, and if ever there were a stylish, autumnal film it’s Charade (1963)

the super-sexy, high-end, kitschy whodunit film stars Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Paris, Henry Mancini’s wonderful music and a fabulous array of clothes.

The sass that you see from Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been turned up 10 notches for Charade. There’s a moment where Cary Grant is basically asking if Audrey’s character wants to get to know him:

(Cary Grant) Peter Joshua: Do we know each other?

(Audrey Hepburn) Regina Lampert:  Why, do you think we’re going to?

(Cary Grant) Peter Joshua: I don’t know — how would I know?

(Audrey Hepburn) Regina Lampert: Because I already know an awful lot of people. Until one of them dies I couldn’t possibly meet anyone else.

This one makes me smile too:

(Audrey Hepburn) Reggie: You're blocking my view.

(Cary Grant) Peter [moving]: Sorry. Which view would you prefer?

(Audrey Hepburn) Reggie: The one you're blocking. 

There were a few lines that made the feminist in me flinch, I would love to reply to those scenes the same way Reggie did in the  move. Tounge-in-cheek my friends, tounge-in-cheek.

Ultimately Charade is not only an exercise in sparkling comedy; it’s also a master-class in style. Girl knows what she is doing when she gets dressed in the morning. Whether it’s a leopard pill box hat paired with a bold red coat or a trench coat with a tan scarf wrapped around her hair, Audrey Hephurn makes her character look flawless in every scene. Got to love these classic early 1960’s films.

A Day In The Life: Charade

a day in the life in Charade: what to wear and what to do (in no particular order) …

one. pillbox hat is a must.

two. keep your eyes, and your easy-to-read thoughts, to yourself behind some glamorous cat eye sunglasses. 

three. patent purse for all your necessities. None of which seem to be items that you can protect yourself with! But nonetheless, important.

four. classic red coat, to tempt fate as a giant red target.

five. a little bit fancy, a little bit practical. Because you will be running, so it's best to pick a patent flat.

six. do yourself a favor and do not hand this over to the thrifty little boy that you are trying to bribe into liking you.

seven. classic jewelry piece to keep that look up during your most suspenseful moments

A Day In The Life: Charade
A Day In The Life: Charade
A Day In The Life: Charade
A Day In The Life: Charade

What do you think about a classic suspense costume? What will you be using for inspiration this year?