Pear Nectar and Tequila Cocktail

As part of our Day In The Life: Practical Magic series, we decided to do an autumn Tequila cocktail to round out the week. You do recall that they all get quite smashed when they stay up late to drink Tequila shots, only to realize that...well I won't tell you in case you don't know.

I am not a huge fan of sweet cocktails, so I am happy to report that this isn't too sweet. Subtle pear, honey, lemon, vanilla and cinnamon accompany the tequila in a fantastic way. Really it was flavors of cinnamon and honey that stood out and did its work smooth out the Tequila. Granted, I don't know much about cocktail making, I just really like drinking them.  

Because I know you, I'm going to let you in on this secret: it is delicious.

Pear Nectar and Tequila Cocktail
 Isn't this label just perfect?

Isn't this label just perfect?

Pear Nectar and Tequila Cocktail

Serves: 1


1½ oz reposado tequila (I used Espolòn's 100% agave reposado tequila)

3-4 ounces pear nectar 

Tiny dash of cinnamon

One drop vanilla extract

Light drizzle of honey

Half of a lemon, juiced

Cinnamon stick, to garnish (optional)


Fill a double old-fashioned or high ball glass with ice.

Pour in the tequila and pear nectar. Add the cinnamon, vanilla and honey to the glass. Squeeze in half a lemon's worth of juice.

Mix by pouring into a cocktail shaker or another glass, give it a shake or stir well, then pour it back into the original glass. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.


Now kick back, turn on this song, and enjoy your weekend!