Rock Collection Shelves

I am a huge fan of natural materials and now that rough cut stone has become more and more popular among jewelry makers, I thought you might appreciate stonework for your walls.

I saw these scrap pieces of marble at Scrap Humboldt weeks ago and finally thought of something to make with them thanks to MerryThought. I love them. They're simple and beautiful, and I almost don't want to put anything on them because it will hide the copper.

Simple design and a simple DIY to update your space.

Also, when my husband saw the marble on the counters he said 'nice rock collection'. So that is how the most creative name was give to this DIY.

DIY rock shelves
rock shelves

What you need:
-3×8″ Marble or scrap stone. Scrap Humboldt provided my stonework material
-Copper plated tubing hook
-Heavy duty glue. I used Gorilla Glue
-*Optional: leather strip

How to make it:
Use a generous amount of glue along the flat bottom part of the copper and lay your marble on top. You may want to glue a strip of leather (or any sturdy material) across both copper ends to give it extra support. Let it dry overnight and then hang them up!

rock collection shelves
rock shelves
rock shelves