Profile: Humboldt Cider Co.

I had an opportunity to check out the Humboldt Cider Co. space this week, and chat with Michelle and Darren about their venture into cider making. The cider is local, the makers are genuine and hard working. And, their new  space is modern and welcoming.

And boy do I love cider - and now I officially know I really, really, really like their cider. Their Macintosh Varietal was smooth and dry, a perfect balance. Not the store-bought cider you've had before. Literally the cider that I had cooked up in my dreams. Thank you Michelle, Jamie and Darren for that, now I can cook up other ideas while sipping my favorite Hum Cider Co. varietal.

But they need our help to continue seeing the project through. Do you want to visit their new space and sip cider under the sun? Do you want handcrafted and local cider in your refrigerator? I think most people want that.

Watch the video, check out their kickstarter and pledge! Because it would be really amazing to have Humboldt Cider Co. bottles in my refrigerator soon - yours would appreciate it as well.

humboldt cider co.
 Darren and Michelle behind their beautiful reclaimed bar.

Darren and Michelle behind their beautiful reclaimed bar.

 Cidery office. 

Cidery office. 

humboldt cider co.
 Their space at Redwood Acres

Their space at Redwood Acres

humboldt cider co.

What clues did you have about your natural tendencies that led you do be an Entrepreneur?

From the age 16 I knew that I wanted to open my own bar- Entrepreneur probably wasn't even in my mind yet. I'm a very determined, hard working person- If I set my mind to something it'll happen. Darren and Jamie are the same way. Jamie has owned previous businesses and currently co-owns Humboldt Beer works and runs his Family Farm so he more than has dedication and an extremely hard work ethic. Darren- same as, he started a business out of state and has had a lifetime of experiences and jobs to give him the mind set and dedication for where he's at today. Likewise, he started and currently owns The Local in Eureka.

When did you decide to start your own business?

Specifically for the cidery- just about over a year ago.

How did you decide on cider making?

Darren had the idea a while ago but ended up opening The Local instead- since we have been making cider and developed our relationship with Jamie a lot more. Jamie has been making beer, cider, and playing with fermentation for about 10 years or so. So, when Darren brought the idea up again Jamie was interested and we all three thought it was a good idea and something to move forward with.. There currently isn't a hard cider company in Humboldt. Why not- it would be a perfect fit!

What was the best piece of advice you were given as you were starting out?

 The mind set that you have to clean A LOT. The job entails 95% cleaning and 5% cider making- they weren't joking.

What do you do behind the scenes?

Lot's of paperwork- lots of cleaning- and lots of patience!

What is your inspiration for your work?

Love and passion for what we are doing. Like I said before, Humboldt doesn't have a hard cider company so being able to provide that for the county is an amazing and wonderful feeling. Since we've been doing the events around town- watching and hearing peoples reactions and enthusiasms has been tremendous and definitely adds to the fun!

What is your goal during this very big project?

To create  the best quality cider. To educate people on cider making and drinking- help develop palates.. To create a place where people can come relax and enjoy craft cider. To make Humboldt that much better :)

What are a few things people don’t know about you?

I don't know, I have exercised induced asthma- I don't think too many people know that about me :)

Darren- he use to be a treasure hunter and a yacht captain

Jamie- use to own his own landscaping business

Darren's probably the most interesting out of us!