Arranging the Flower

So I have been really obsessed with the new trend towards really wild and organic looking arrangements. I have also been thinking about the pairing of certain colors thanks to Sister's wedding planning.

 Bird Is The Word arrangement

Bird Is The Word arrangement

I was in luck that these colors were in and around my home! 

Ever since I was small I would make these giant and intricate arrangements. I, like many, really really love flowers. I love the way they smell (my hands, house, baby all smell like roses at this very moment), I love they way they look (I would prefer my home to be a treehouse, but if I cannot live like the Swiss Family Robinson, I will take a wild arrangement instead) and I love the way they make me feel (a combination of the above sentiments all rolled into one and difficult to explain).

Simple Rustic Arrangement : Lilt Blog

Though this little arrangement isn't nearly as wild as I would have preferred, its simplicity reminds me of what I see naturally growing. I don't like anything too perfect, too done. I would rather a little twist, a little original soul of that flower.

White Rose from Rustic Arrangement : Lilt Blog

Pardon my tangent, but isn't that true for all things? I like pretty things, pleasing to the eye, but I want some soul there. I want to see originality, some depth. I like imperfect things. To me the most beautiful people are the most human, all the flaws included.

You show me your imperfections and I will show you mine. Shoot, highlight your imperfections! We are unique, just like each bruised and bent flower petal, and I think that's gorgeous.

The takeaway here: Let's rejoice in each other's differences, its the human experience!

This little arrangement was a process for me to explore this idea.

Isn't that the fun of creating? 

What do you think? Do think there is beauty in imperfection?