Scrabble for Giants

My mom had the great idea of making a giant version of Scrabble the other day.  We did it.  The woman is full of grand ideas, but this may have been the best one yet.


The project was relatively simple, if you don't take the math it took to create a grid into consideration.  We aren't exactly left-brained people, but we do both enjoy words and creative projects.  Making the board together was a day well spent and now we are on the prowl for other giant lawn games to make.  Jenga, Connect 4, chess... who knows?  By the end of summer, we may have our own arsenal of lawn games!


This was our inaugural game on Mother's Day.  We gifted it to my grandma, who likely is where the Scrabble-loving gene stems from in my family.  

Other giant lawn game ideas?  We're just itching to start a new one!  We also think these games would be great to play at weddings!  Scrabble is already booked for one upcoming July wedding!