Thinkin About Clogs

While you will find some amazing recipes on this blog, delightful musings about life, you will also find that I, Julianne, will be thinkin 'bout something random.

Today it is clogs. Specifically from the Swedish Hasbeens company based in Stockholm. (Their slogan is "Welcome to Clogville!" which is about enough to make me a lifetime customer)

I think my feet would appreciate them. They're Swedish, my husband is Swedish. All signs point to clogs. Summertime clogs to be exact.

Wanna see what I am talking about? 


You have to admit: they look so comfortable.

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 Look SJP wears them!

Look SJP wears them!

Bluebird Blog // Hello It's Valentine

I will now persuade you to try a clog too: They are said to be really comfortable, they have that sultry ankle strap that just looks so feminine, you could do a heel, a flat or somewhere in between, they  are made of quality materials that will last for years and years, and did I mention that are  really comfortable?

What about you? Do you see a clog in your future?