Triple Berry Cinnamon Swirl Bread: Success!

I am not a baker.  If I'm home, I'm usually in the kitchen experimenting with food, but that doesn't mean I'm a baker.  I cook.  I experiment.  But, baking isn't really a task for the experimenting chef. Baking requires precision.  It is almost scientific.  You can't add a dash of this and a dash of that to taste.  You've got to know your directions, and furthermore, you've got to follow the directions. I don't always follow directions in the kitchen.  I love to read recipes to get inspiration, but when it comes to the cooking, I like to do it my way.  I like to adjust measurements to add a little more of what I like, and sometimes that means tripling the amount of garlic.  I like to substitute things to prevent an extra trip to the grocery store, like using all-purpose flour instead of cake flour (because all-purpose signifies that it can be used for anything... right?!).  You can't do these things in baking, and therefore, I am not a baker.

But, you guys, I baked this.

This Triple Berry Cinnamon Swirl Bread from Joy the Baker, one of my all-time favorite bloggers, came out of my oven.  And it was good.  And it was easy.  And it was fun.  Three of my very favorite things.

If you're an obsessive instagrammer like me, you too can make this bread and enter a contest to win some baking swag and a year's supply of King Arthur Flour.  Joy the Baker and King Arthur Flour are teaming up to do a four-part series of Baking Bootcamp to educate aspiring bakers about the different types of flours.  Since I often substitute one type of flour for another and often experience failed results, perhaps I need to continue tuning into this baking bootcamp.  

 See how easy Joy makes it look?  In all honesty though, it sort of WAS that easy!

See how easy Joy makes it look?  In all honesty though, it sort of WAS that easy!

This bread definitely boosted my baking confidence.  Now I know that I can bake those beautiful, twisty breads that I always think look so out of my league.  Trying things in the kitchen that seem unattainable seems to be the theme of my week.  Stay tuned for an adventure in canning to come!