Inspiration Behind "Fern and Fog"

If you're new to us here, you should probably know that we come from a majestic land of green. We live in Humboldt county, about five hours north of San Francisco and just barely south of the Oregon border.  We are the true northern California (we're not defensive about it... not even a little... okay, maybe a little).  

With the love the three of us share for our local community, we decided that we wanted our blog to somehow reflect the unique offerings of Humboldt.  Our home is marked by an abundance of fern and fog.  When I'm on road trips, I know that I'm almost home when I venture across that wall of fog that somehow always begins at the Humboldt border.  I'm home when my vision is blurred by the brume and when all that I see around me becomes a towering shade of hazy emerald.  

This beautiful video by Jesse Rosten has been storming my news feed for the past few days, and for good reason it turns out.  It is an absolutely breathtaking representation of this land we call home.  May watching Jesse Rosten's "Growing is Forever" give you a little more insight as to why we call our blog "Fern and Fog," and even more importantly, why we call this place our home.