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I like camping. I really, really do. But glamping-- Wow. I could learn to live like that. Shelter Co. will bring this awesome setup to you or your event. If you do this, please invite me.

I must have vacations on the brain. Sunset Magazine shares the top hotels under $150 that, "don't skimp on style."

I'm not sure what comes first for you when planning a vacation. But for me its about what my kids would want to do. Here are the 10 museums to visit with your family this summer.

I love me some Fast Company personality articles: What Your Office Jargon Says About You. " Green argues the words and phrases we use daily affects our relationship with our work, impacting how we think about our jobs and our working life."

This photographer captures the beauty of adoption.

Nobody is really graduating in 4 years. High-five to those who have!

Rebecca Brown a normal teenage girl — whose life experiences have been colored by trichotillomania shares almost 2,100 selfies.

Going on a trail hunt this weekend? 3 Unexpected Trail Mix Combinations To Fuel Your Next Hike.

LOCALS: Has anyone noticed just how many events and activities are going on this weekend? Phew!

Feeling Crafty? Check out this gorgeous DIY tassel blanket.

I worked here during my college summers. This photo essay by Leon Villagomez brings back some serious summer memories.

I like wine, and if you're like me you find yourself with a lot of empty wine bottles. Here are some things you can do with them.

Ever wonder what goes into a Bon Appétit recipe? I did. Now I know it's a lot.

Brain Child Magazine is one of my all-time favorite parenting magazines. As parents we are all a part of a clan. But, each of our stories are so unique we can't possibly know what happens in  each other's families. Here is a story I can certainly relate to: Family Mythology. "I love the mythologies of childhood, and I wanted them for all the time. For several years, I had all my kids absolutely convinced that UPS delivery people are Santa’s elves, and not only do they deliver the Christmas gifts so Santa doesn’t exhaust himself on Christmas Eve, but they’re out in the world finding out what kinds of things kids would like to have for Christmas. At least two UPS delivery carriers deserve thanks from me for playing along when one of my kids announced their Christmas desires to them."

And last but not least, something pretty for your eyes. This gorgeous couple, photographed by Jamie Jones, got married on the same beach where my husband and I were married, the lovely Moonstone Beach in Trinidad, California.