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So my family and I are heading out of town ... to go to Disneyland. I am very excited. Maybe more excited than my kids. Is that unusual? I think I just like getting to be a kid again. I miss those years! They go by too quickly. But according to this article we probably remember all of it.

On that note, here are 10 things you didn't know about Disneyland and 20 Awesome Disneyland Travel Tips that I used on our last trip to Disney. I may need to make some of my own following this trip because we are becoming old pros.

Cup of Jo shares Ten tips for travelling with a baby

Healthy homemade gummy snacks.

What writers can learn from Good Night Moon.

Have you ever needed something random to say to fill in the awkward silence? Follow this Tumblr and memorize.

 Fill the Silence

Fill the Silence

I love stories of the past, treasure hunts and this story : Fragments of History That Fit in a Pocket

This work out for the office made me giggle.

Aren't these two just the cutest couple? 

No ice cream machine needed: Sea Salt & Honey Ice Cream.

Pineapple boat with sorbet

4 Top Chef contestants opened restaurants in SF. 

And this save the date is just really pretty.