While one of our editors has been off to the greatest city in the world (ahem - New York CIty) I have stayed close to home in California.

I really do love California. I love my piece of Northern California with its majestic coastlines, giant redwoods and the most delicious tap water you could ever imagine. 

But I get a little curious now and again. I drive my husband nuts. I want to travel the world.

So he offered me the opportunity to plan the next family vacation. I have to find a perfect summer trip for my family of four, which will include our 6-year-old and 2-year-old. 

I personally think half the fun is the travel, not just the arriving. Getting there is an adventure in itself and could make or break a trip - especially with little kiddos tagging along.

So I know your now curious as to what my top choices are so far. Please bear with me because I quite possibly have never been to the places I have listed, I may be completely off base whether or not it is child appropriate and you may have some advice to offer. Please do so.


We sold my wedding dress to a bride from Oslo, Norway. Which seems like a good reason to visit. 

If the dress I loved so much found its way to Norway so should I. Right? 

We could watch the Northern Lights, visit museums and other cultural delights in Oslo and Tromsø, witness the magnificence of Stave Churches and take a train ride through Norway's forests to it's famous fjords.

Oh and we could stay in either a lighthouse or a fisherman's cabin...or both!


Buenos Aires, Argentina

 I heard the Brazilian Hour on our local radio station and now I am convinced my children must hear Bossa Nova live. Or at the very least head to South America. Maybe see a real, authentic tango.

Several kid-friendly museums are listed on Lonely Planet, including a puppet museum, Museo Argentino del Títere. I could take them to La Peña del Colorado where there is live folk music nightly and as the evening progresses guitars are made available for dinner-goers. I also love empanadas, and I would not be alone in that appreciation in Argentina.

We could stay in this colonial home with a pool and wine cellar.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Scotland seems to be stuck in the past - which is just how I like it.

Show me medieval stone castles surrounded by green rolling hills, and fog

We could visit some historic sites and head over to the Highland Games to entertain the guys or maybe some freshwater fishing.

We would stay here of course. "Armadillas set within the backdrop of the Great Glen and surrounded by world renowned nature in all its highland splendour." I can definitely dig that.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have some Dutch in my blood and a large majority of my family still live there. The last time I visited I fell in love with the area. It is just so perfectly unique. 

We would visit my favorite museums, RijksmuseumVan Gogh MuseumStedelijk Museum and the Anne Frank HouseWe could take the boys to The National Maritime Museum or the Artis Royal Zoo.

And we can stay in this floating home.


Road Trip

Did you know you could rent an Airstream? You can also rent a Teardrop Trailer and of course the RV.

It would be ideal to have ownership of my very own vintage Airstream which has been refurbished fabulously to be the perfect Scandinavian home on the interior. But, as you well know I sell my wedding dress to survive (only kidding!) so an RV rental is more in our price range.

However You guys totally could do those things I mentioned above.

We would then take that rented vehicle or trailer onto a long and adventure-filled road trip.

 My imaginary vintage Airstream interior.

My imaginary vintage Airstream interior.

New Orleans, Louisiana

As a kid I saw pictures of NOLA's french style balconies and heard the sounds of Louis Armstrong and ever since I have wanted to visit.

Museums, Architecture, Music and Food. Seems like there are a lot of things to keep us busy.

We could stay in this sweet Treme Cottage.

 New Orleans, Louisiana via Local Milk

New Orleans, Louisiana via Local Milk

Also Taylor's review of Austin and San Antonio has me thinking they should also be stops along our road trip.

 Banger's in Austin, Texas

Banger's in Austin, Texas

 San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

 I understand these perfect images aren't necessarily great representations of the community that lives there. But as I raise my children into this wild wondrous world, I hope to give them the biggest picture of our human culture as possible and perhaps just by going to a new place will open new doors of understanding for the whole family.

What about you? Where would you travel with your family?