Fall Inspiration

I have been looking to welcome Fall and celebrate the changing of the seasons. My list of must needed items includes crafts I can actually do and actually want to put up in my home, along with some pieces for myself that could last a lifetime. 

You will need something large enough to cart about your thermos of hot cider and packed picnic lunch when you head to orchard for apple picking. These leather market bags are perfect for that sort of thing.

Create some artwork for your home by spray painting some leaves, attach to card stock paper and hang.

Give thanks for the new season!

Go ahead and purchase a new pair of boots that will be perfect for trampling through fall leaves and meandering through pumpkin patches. Choose something hardy and comfortable.

Incorporate some fall colors by adding a new piece of art to your gallery wall. This print of a red leaf is so simple and oh so beautiful.

Always be thankful, present, graceful, persistent, loving.


Cut out paper leaves and string them along to make a mess-free garland for your home!

Find things that are orange and put in  your house. Orange that you like and can tolerate with the other colors in your home. Something like a subtle ombre as seen below:

Gather your favorite fall flora, assemble accordingly and photograph. Voila!  You have created your own specimen artwork.

Then whip these Apple Pie Biscuits or something similar to share with family and friends.

These look difficult - but if you use any pastry or pie dough from your grocery store it can cut the cooking time in half! Go for it.