Stop, think! There must be a harder way!

Remember our latest studio tour and profile of Just My Type Letterpress?

Well Lynn Jones just released a new print with a quote that inspired her creative journey to letterpress and design.

"This quote was printed on a sign in the studio of my mentor, David Lance Goines. Roger Plumb, a hobby printer and fixture at Mr. Goines' studio (St. Hieronymus Press) came up with it, set the type and printed it many years ago. When I first saw it in the spring of 1999, it spoke to me, and I knew I needed to spend more time in that place."

We have all been at that moment where we are extra critical of our own work. Sometimes, though, it is best take a moment to realize that the simple way is the better way. And something I personally took from chatting with Lynn was to be patient with yourself.

Seriously though. Could this quote be put into art form in a more beautiful way? Gorgeous.