Etsy Roundup: January

January feels like a clean slate, the air is crisp, the New Year’s resolutions are written down and the Holiday decorations are being put back into their boxes. I take this time to clean out house a little bit, organize and prepare for the rest of winter. I also look forward to Spring so much it hurts.

Here are some Etsy pieces I am thinking about this January. Bags, pillow updates, statement jewelry, a notebook (like I promised myself) and room brightening-banner.

 Click for link - Fieldguided Tote

Click for link - Fieldguided Tote

 Datter - click for link

Datter - click for link

   AntoninPlusMargaux  - click for link

AntoninPlusMargaux - click for link

   CORIUMI  click for link

CORIUMI click for link

   ARMINHO  click for link

ARMINHO click for link

   TastefullyMismatched  click for link

TastefullyMismatched click for link

   forestiere  click for link

forestiere click for link

   Hokoda  click for link

Hokoda click for link

   ebenotti  click for link

ebenotti click for link

Do you update your space or wardrobe in January too? If so, how do you do it?