Knitting With Ginny

A surprisingly stylish knitting project for beginners*

 *or lazy knitters who, like me, just want a project they can start and finish in one sitting once in awhile.

knitting a headband


For years, I have hated the garter stitch (when you knit each row). Probably because it’s the first stitch most knitters learn and the easiest, I have long associated it with basic and boring.  

But last winter I agreed to teach a friend how to knit. I brought along a spare scrap of yarn, some needles, and got her started with this basic stitch. We chatted, sipped tea, and had an adorable evening. After a bit, my friend held up her work. This is usually where I say something like, “Great! Now you know how to knit and have this adorable rectangle of knitted fabric to impress all of your friends!” But she saw her simple project for its potential. She measured it around her head, realized it would make the perfect headband, and history was made. Her first knitting project ever was wearable and stylish AND easy AND GARTER STITCH! Plus, I was totally jealous because I had had that yarn in my stash for years without ever realizing this was possible.

I’m not afraid to admit when I’ve been wrong, and now have the easiest go-to project always in the back of my head. The basic patterns is this:

Using any size needles and yarn, cast on** until there is about three inches of yarn on the needle. Knit each row until your have knit a length three or four inches shorter than the circumference of your head. Bind off, and sew the ends together!

Of course, depending on your needles and yarn, the project may have more or less give, so add or remove rows to make it feel right. If it ends up too loose, you don’t need to remove rows. Instead of sewing the ends together, overlap them until the band is the right size, and secure it with a stylish button or two.

**If you have never knit before there are infinite tutorials online. I recommend reading a written description online or in a book, then watching a video or two on YouTube to clarify! Here is one to get you started.

knitting 101

Materials I used in the pictured project

~10 yards of Rowan Ribbon Twist (to speed your project along even more, use chunky yarn and larger needles)

Size 15 needles


Exact pattern of the pictured project

Cast on 8 stitches

Knit 55 rows

Bind off

Sew ends together

Sew in ends


Time needed

Approximately two episodes of The Good Wife

What I love about this project is that it is endlessly adaptable, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Try it on different needles or with another type of yarn for a headband that looks totally different. When you sew it together, you can twist it before sewing it closed to create a cool loop, or cinch it with a bow, or add a knitted flower.

knitting 101
knitting 101

Happy Knitting! We would love to see your work. Tag us on Instagram @FernAndFog