Ode to the Wall Hanging

I'm loving wall hangings. And appreciate the artistry that goes into creating the intricate woven designs I follow, and heart, and pin over and over again.

Until I get to the point where I can properly pay for a piece from my favorite artists, I have decided to work on a few wall hanging projects for myself.

Starting with the simplest form: A yarn wall hanging, using colors and textures that I am really drawn to.

Ode to the wall hanging

Things you'll need to make your own Diy Yarn Wall Hanging:

  • Assorted wool yarn
  • Scissors
  • And a stick, wooden dowel, or copper tubing
ode the wall hanging

Per my style, I didn't measure I just felt it out by actually hanging my cut copper tubing on the wall where I would put this particular wall hanging.

I started working the yarn on to the tubing, leaving the wool yarn a little longer in order to shape by cutting once all the yarn that looked appropriate was assembled.

I ended up using about 20 white yarn pieces, 15 grey-flecked pieces, with the grey yarn measuring out longer to give the piece a geometric shape.

diy wall hanging
diy wall hanging

I knotted my yarn in the simple Lark's Head knot. 

(My Grandpa wouldn't be proud per say, but definitely would smile at my attempt to knot something.)

diy wall hanging

I absolutely love the texture the wall hanging has given the space. I see it every time I enter my open layout living area. And it's just what the doctor ordered.

Now, hopefully with the help of Ginny's tutorials, I will get down to actually trying some knitting patterns or weaving my next wall hanging. Stay tuned!

Here are some tutorials and inspiration to get your wall hanging crafting in order: