Profile: Jasmine Onya'e Kelley

I have been following Jasmine Onya’e since I first started the Fern & Fog Instagram account, stumbling upon her impeccable snapshots of Onya'e Naturals' products and her daily life. Not only are her products beautifully done, Jasmine has developed her brand to be as authentic as possible. I feel like we’re real life friends, instead of just Insta buds, because kindness and thoughtfulness reverberates through all her posts --that's just proof that her every day check-ins in the social media world has helped me and her brand followers to really connect with Jasmine and Onya’e Naturals – which makes it easy for me to want to jump up and down at the thought of getting to know her and her inspiration for her business a little bit more.

Without further ado, we introduce Jasmine and Onya'e Naturals - be ready to feel inspired!


What clues did you have about your natural tendencies that led you do be a Creative?

Some clues for me started showing at a young age and through college. How I kept my desk/surroundings organized neatly and always choose the funky bright post-it-notes and pens with the feather so that it wouldn't look so boring. Now that I am older, I keep things minimal and simplistic but I became creative with placements. I felt the need to add a certain flair to a special task or project. I did not want to leave things "plain" I wanted it to have a special look and feel. When it came to design and/or photography, I wanted to try little challenges so that my work would stand out and when someone else saw it, they knew it was me who created it.

When did you decide to start your own business?

I decided to start my own business two years after I graduated from college. For my 2nd thesis I created a skincare line called Barè with ingredients straight from the kitchen and I remembered during the show some people suggested that I make something out of it and make it an official business. I doubted myself at the time because I was still unsure with the direction I wanted to take after I graduated. So fast forwards years later Onya'e Naturals came about and the name was changed to my middle name. I wanted to add the personal touch to it.

The best piece of advice when starting my own business was to stay patient (which is hard for me) and to never give up when sales are slow. And that it’s okay if I don’t become Oprah overnight.

What was the best piece of advice you were given as you were starting out?

The best piece of advice when starting my own business was to stay patient (which is hard for me) and to never give up when sales are slow. And that it's okay if I don't become Oprah overnight. Haha. I know when starting a business there is a common mus-conception that you will become well off in a months worth, when really it takes years sometimes to start with a proper profit. So till this day I am being patient as my business grows and being open to learning new things constantly. 

What do you do behind the scenes?

Behind the scenes I do everything and wear all the hats. Create the designs, purchase the right labels and packaging for my products, buy the right ingredients, emails and marketing, photograph the items, social media, sales, etc. A lot of behind the scenes and in front of the scenes. Some people have come to me asking if I have a team and the answer is I don't. I make sure to keep it balanced and flowing well. 

What is your inspiration for your work?

Oh man, that's kinda tough to answer. But a lot of things inspire me from looking at design books and their page layouts (which helps with my packaging designs), Pinterest,Tumblr blogs, bright colors, and most importantly—natural lighting. I start my day as early as possible to catch morning light. It's not only fun to photograph in, but it puts me in such a positive mood and it gives me this extra boost of confidence.

What is your goal during each project?

My goal for each project is to make sure that what I am creating will be beneficial for my customers. I want them to be happy with their new items and to feel confident in knowing that it will work for them. I do heavy research before creating something new and my goal is to not only sale healthy products but to educate the buyer as well. I want them to know that the less than 6 ingredients in the items are beneficial for the skin and how it is.

What are a few things people don’t know about you?

A few things that people don't know about me is that although I am a high functioning Extrovert, I love my alone time. I go on a lot of self-dates whether it's a full day of eating out alone or drinking tea, I enjoy moments with myself from time to time. 

Another thing that nobody knows except my best friend (and now the lovely readers) is that I someday hope to write some books. A personal book, and a health book. And lastly, I really dislike olives of all kinds.


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