Artist Intro: Ashley Ronning

I have a very big spot in my heart for illustration design because deep down I am an insane doodler who pretends that I am not drawing up cartoons for every waking human interaction. Oh that’s strange? Perhaps. I also like to think that I am living in a musical, which I guess is a whole other blog post discussion.

Enough about me! Back to the Artist:

I stumbled on Ashley Ronning’s work (she now collaborates with Sarah McNeil, who I have featured before because her work is also just spot on.) on Etsy and instantly fell in adoration for the simple and intricate way her illustrations are put together. The colors are subtle and unique and the subject matter is broad, but still somewhat intimate. In love. 

See what I'm sayin? Simple, but intimate.

Here's some more background: "Ashley is an illustrator based in a studio in Brunswick, Melbourne. She spends most of her time on editorial illustrations, exhibition work, risograph printing and creating zines. When her pen is down, she's playing pinball or having a tinnie in the sun."

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