Fern & Fog Year In Review

I thought I would share the highlights from Fern & Fog this year and some links to read while you relax with your family. (We all need a break every now and then!)

Here are the top posts of the year!

Profile: Native Bear

Knitting with Ginny

Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Gluten Free Red Wine Chocolate Bundt Cake

Profile: Veronica Rufrano

Profile: Pat Knittel

Enchiladas with Ibarra Chocolate

Wreath Making Workshop

Fern & Fog Year In Review


Here are some links from across the web space:

Entertain yourself with this one

 9 fun Instagram accounts from Cup of Jo. Here’s my favorite.

Selfie: a good read.

Food trends for 2016 from Pinterest? If I must.

STAR WARS + Girl Power

Joy the Baker’s Drake on Cake Instagram. Yeah.

The beautiful kitchen design by one of my favorite designer’s, Sabrina Smelko

Bacon for everyone! Spainards don’t care!

STUFF I want to get for the New Year. Necessities.

Stop it Madewell. Just, stop it.

My fairy godmother, Cheryl Strayed on Donald Trump.

Collegiate Alumni namesake: The Forgotten Father of Environmentalism.

Love this quote about really knowing your family from Death, Sex & Money

I really love Game of Thrones, but I have to agree that this is a serious issue

Babies + Working Moms

Orange Is The New Black Parody: “The Night Before Christmas”

Making of my new favorite Pixar movie.

How Did Santa get hooked on cookies?